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  •  3rd Generation
  •  Dual Frequency Ratio Based
  •  Easy to read colour display
  •  Weighted snap-in base for stability

35,500.00 51,000.00

  • Customizable settings
  • Accurate measurements
  • Continuous calibration
  • Works in all canal conditions
  • Adapt to ‘point zero’
  • Sound signals
  • Unstopped readings real time

Digital Apex Locator

Apex ID is compact and modern with unique functions which allow you to focus on what’s really important; providing the best care for your patients.

User-set zero point

Customize the “zero point” based on your clinical judgment. No need to constantly monitor the visual display, the audible signal will let you know when you’ve reached your preferred zero point.

Accuracy in almost any condition

Apex ID has been designed to work in almost any canal condition. Whether dry, wet, bleeding, filled with saline, EDTA, NaOCl, chlorhexidine, the Apex ID can still provide accurate, consistent and dependable readings.

Continuous calibration

Unlike most locators on the market today, Apex ID continuously calibrates for accurate, uninterrupted readings in real-time.

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Apex ID by Kerr is a compact and modern apex locator used to locate the anatomical apex during endodontic therapy. This digital apex locator is designed with a user-set zero point and continuous calibration. It offers accurate and uninterrupted readings in real time. The settings on the apex locator are customizable and the provide precise measurements. Apex ID has been designed to work under any canal condition including dry, wet or bleeding canals. It also provides precise measurements in canals filed with saline, EDTA, NaOCl or chlorhexidine. The audible sound signals provide a more intuitive user experience. The device small and easy to use. The measurements are displayed in 0.1 mm are reliable. The weighted base offers better stability of the device.