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Bombay Dental

  • Fast chair side processing of x-ray films
  • Time saving
  • Easy method of use
  • High-resolution x-rays
  • Can be archived up to 10 years after processing
  • Monobath incorporated in the film

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  • Press the pouch to activate the monobath
  • Start squeezing the monobath contents to the film end portion, immediately after activating the monobath
  • Continue squeezing the monobath for 50 seconds with good pressure.
  • Slide fingers from the top to the bottom of the film
  • Do not block the middle part off the film. This may result in a spotted image due to the entrapment of air bubbles.
  • Turn the film upside down and push monobath back to its original place
  • Remove the x-ray and start rinsing it under water immediately. This prevents oxidation yellowing of the image.

These x-ray films from Bombay Dental are radiographic films having a self-developing mechanism, eliminating the need for conventional developing procedures. They are the world’s first self-developing x-ray films. The usual developing procedures require dark room facilities with proper maintenance of the developer and fixer solutions. Temperature and concentration of these solutions can be varied based on different factors. This makes it technique sensitive and results may vary time to time. The self-developing x-ray films have a unique design having the processing solutions incorporated with the film itself. A monobath containing the developer and fixer solutions, incorporated into the film package makes film processing easier, faster and more convenient. This film can also be used as a standby for when RVG malfunctions occur.

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  •  Develop X-Ray in 40 seconds
  •  50 Films Pack
  • Develop X-Ray quickly
  • Ideal standby for RVG clinics in case of malfunction of RVG/ computer